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We know how time just slips by, and that sometimes, orders just need to arrive a little faster than usual!

Our staff is happy to provide our RUSH MY ORDER! option.   By choosing RUSH MY ORDER!, your order will be PROCESSED and SHIPPED within the following business days:

BAGS & ACCESSORIES - normal production schedule  ( with monogram or without)  is 5 - 7 business days -  
RUSH MY ORDER! orders will be GUARANTEED* to ship within 2 business days.
    (please note:   we will communicate if there is an issue to expediting the processing of your order...this option cannot apply to  any item that is out of stock or more stock is needed to secure for quantity desired)

If you have any questions about RUSH MY ORDER!  or products that may or may not qualify, please email us -

IMPORTANT:  this option DOES NOT apply to overnight shipping - this option is for miss lucy's staff to  expediate the PROCESSING of your order only.

RUSH MY ORDER! provides you the opportunity to have your order PROCESSED  a little faster, but it does not mean that other orders will be delayed in shipping.   Our staff will offer additional assistance to make sure that the RUSH MY ORDER! is sent out as well as keeping up with our normal production schedule.

Please note:   RUSH MY ORDER!  will be shipped with our regular methods - USPS PRIORITY or UPS GROUND.   Please allow time for shipping, and if you are interested in overnight or express shipping, contact us :

If you have any questions about RUSH MY ORDER! ,  or products that may or may not qualify, please email us -