DIGITIZE My Logo for Embroidery - Price Starting at $25

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We can digitize your LOGO for embroidery on our products! 

Here is the process:

Please note: if your order is over 25 bags, there is no charge for the digitizing service and we offer group discounts.

Our process:

To embroider a logo, the logo design must be digitized. That process is an additional fee, and once complete, we can embroider on any item you would like to purchase.
The process is this:
First, we need a good quality jpeg for digitization. If you would email the image to:

We will quote the cost to digitize…pricing starts at $25. There is no charge for digitizing if ordering 25+ items. Digitizing pricing depends on size and complexity of the logo.
If you would like to proceed once you receive the quote, we will send you a link to pay for the digitizing and also to pay for the bag(s) you would like to have the logo embroidered.
Once logo is digitized, we will sew it out for your approval before sewing on your bag(s).

Let us know if you have any other questions…happy to help!
Thank you for considering us for your custom order!