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German Silver Monogrammed Jewelry

Introducing...GERMAN SILVER!  

  It is a gorgeous metal…it is not silver but very similar, and we have just added a collection to miss lucy’s monograms!

website  gs   charm  bracelet_edited-1German Silver has been around a long time….why is it called German Silver?

In 1823, a competition was held in Germany to perfect the process of this metal…trying to get the metal as close to silver as possible.

3 German brothers achieved this goal, and a German manufacturer began making it.  In 1830, the German process was introduced to England and German Silver began to gain popularity as an exported metal.

German Silver features:

*  shiny, silver color that polishes just like silver

*  durability

*  engravable ….we love that! :)

and , the best part?   THE PRICE!!!  Happy Shopping...look for additional German Silver pieces to arrive!