About Us

Welcome to miss lucy's monograms ...our online monogram company, which from our start in 2009, has been dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, distinctive, and unique personalized accessories &  apparel that scream, "tooo cute " for every age !!

After teaching for 33 years, I made the decision to retire from the occupation I loved dearly, but I immediately knew I was to go on to something new. I turned my focus to something I have always loved...embroidery and the monogram.    

With the help and support of family, miss lucy's monograms became a reality, and our company has had an amazing  journey.   Our studio has grown in staff and equipment - our  commercial embroidery machines keep busy, busy, and we have had the opportunity to ship our beautiful, personalized items to customers throughout the US,  as well as several international countries. We are so thankful!  

Large Groups love miss lucy's monograms, too...we have enjoyed supplying our unique, personalized gifts for many large groups...bridal parties, schools, cheer, dance, athletic, bands, and corporate groups.  Our group discounts start when ordering multiple numbers of an item...please contact us for availability and discount information.

We are on Etsy as well!  Our store is:   MissLucysMonograms     

We are so appreciative to the many customers who have found us and who have referred so many of their friends...we look forward to having you as a customer and to an exciting future!


Above all, we want you to find shopping at miss lucy's monograms an enjoyable experience as you choose your very special personalized items...and, when you receive your special package from us, we want you to so pleased with your purchase!   If you have a question along the way, please contact us.  We want to be your choice for personalized accessories and apparel !  

Thanks again for shopping with us...we look forward to providing your special order  for you!

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oh-so thankful owner, miss lucy's monograms


Our Name

Meet Lucy, our puppy mill rescue dog that our family adopted in 2009, when miss lucy's monograms was open for business.  Lucy was such a fun addition to our family, and when thinking of a name for our company, what better name to use than the name of our favorite new family member? She was the cutest company mascot, and sadly after 7 fun years with her, she passed away from cancer. She will always be a part of our hearts....and of course,  miss lucy's monograms!!

If you ever have room in your heart and home to rescue a puppy mill dog, go for it! There are so many out there who have gone through traumatic lives, and they need a loving home! For more information on rescue dogs, contact your local animal rescue organization!