ALLATOONA SOCCER - Acrylic Knit Scarf & Hat Set

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Great set for the Allatoona fan! 



raised double stripe

100% acrylic knit



fringed scarf

100% acrylic knit

61"  x  8" wide



Shipping Information


Allatoona Soccer Spirit-wear is available year-round.  During the school year there will be periods of time where there will be a group sale and the shipping cost will be eliminated for each order.  Usually these sales are prior to the season.  Outside of the group sales there will be a flat shipping fee that will be added to the order.  All shipments are via USPS Priority Mail which will give you tracking information, insurance, and quicker delivery.




Contact your booster  SPIRIT WEAR REPRESENTATIVE with any questions concerning the sale times.  For product information please contact us via email.  Have a great season!